Thursday, November 5, 2015

Hi Friends!!!

I just want you guys to know I have not forgotten 
about my loves and more blog posts will be coming soon. 

I guess it's true after travels and returning back to real life
you go into a depression.
Well the pity party is over and I am ready to get back this
Wild horse!

sending my love always
Big Girl Small World

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Traveling Tips- From a Novice

 Before this huge adventure I really had no idea what I was doing; however I learned very quickly about all the tricks and tips to make my experience the most enjoyable. Sometimes I had to learn the hard way but all in all it was a bit of trial and error. Below are some tips that I followed and learned along the way:

Before the trip:

  • Talk to other expats, they will have a plethora of information for you. If you don't know any other expats, find some. Try forums, chat groups, bloggers, etc.
  • An expat is not a vacationer, they are travelers. So talking to someone who went on vacation to Greece for a week, is really not going to cut it.
  • Research the cities by visiting blogs. They will provide honest, unbiased opinions on these forums.
  • For god's sake don’t just look at sites that give you "the top things to do" in a city, go off the beaten path.
  • Budget, budget, budget. Get general ball parks of how much you need and always round up.
  • Don’t look for flights more than two months in advance. Look everyday, especially late night on Tuesday and Wednesday. That original "deal" you think you can get, will get better. Trust. 
  • Pack light, for the most part you’re not going to need five pair of heals and three bottles of perfume. If you can get all your toiletries abroad, do it. Less weight to carry with you. Bring comfy shoes, and practical clothing.
  • Invest in a four wheeled suitcase. I wish I would have had one on my three month traveling exp. (At one point I was traveling through Paris and Amsterdam with a suitcase that had only one wheel, That was a pain. I am glad I do not embarrass easily.)
  • Know your weather, pack for the season(s) you may be experiencing; and no matter what season, bring a bathing suit
  • Learn how to read a paper map.
  • Make sure you know which power adapter/converter you need. Depending on how old your electronics are you may also need a power surge protector.
  • Download helpful apps such as subway maps, bus routes, tripadvisor, whatsapp.


  • Talk to strangers, and get recommendations from locals. Not only will you make friends this way, you will also find lil hidden gems like small jazz clubs in a hidden alley way . Get recommendations on where to stay, where to eat, where to go. Locals know best.
  • Don’t book everything advance, I learned that it’s best to buy train tickets and bus tickets the day off. The only thing I would do in advance going forward is knowing where accommodations are and if they have availability have multiple choices and book once you arrive. Things can change so quickly and you don’t want to be "stuck" when you want to change your plans. 
  • Know your surroundings so you’re prepared but don’t sweat having everything set in stone.
  • Walk, walk walk, most European cities are made for walking. Go into random cafes that seam appealing. Stop at local bars with live bands. Just walk, and you will get to know your city.
  • Fight through the fear of the unknown, just be aware and alert at all times. The world is scary but we should not fear it. Just know where we are at all times.
  • Pickpockets are high and very much alive in Europe (Main Crime) only travel with what you need for the day and nothing more. If you able to leave passport in secure place do so. When someone asks you for directions or to sign a petition for example hold your purse tight, as they are more than likely are pickpockets.
  • Buy and eat local. Need I explain more.
  • If you have an unlocked smart phone, purchase a SIM card abroad. You will save tons on your phone bill. you can get a SIM card with around 60 min and 1.5 gig for around 15 euros. you can find these in most grocery stores and independent cell phone operators. plus you will get better reception very handy when using google maps.


  • When scheduling trips to other locations looks at buses, trains, and airfare. Europe has a very cheap airline called RyanAir ( ) where you can get round trip ticket for about 40 Euros. Also if possible take a train or bus, it will take a lil longer, but there’s nothing like seeing the countryside and sometimes lack thereof. I was able to find Bus fares for as low 2 Euros.
  • Find out what’s free, most museums will have free days, take advantage.
  •  HAGLE!!!! Everywhere and all the time!!! Never accept the original price on something. This can be done at all independent shops, street stands, as well as markets.
  •  Visit the city parks and market places, they will tell you allot about a specific place. 
  • Join a meet up group if traveling alone, great way to meet friends. Use sites such as or
  • Know where the US embassy is. I had to go there for two different occasions on my trip; One of which was to get a replacement passport.
  • Have copies of all important documentation. Keep copies with you, email them to yourself, and give a copy to your parents/trusted person.
  • Add a trusted person (my dad) as an authorized user on all credit/debit cards. Just in case you happen to lose your wallet with your whole life in it.
  • Almost everywhere you go has WIFI so take advantage, buy a drink and get in communication or use your apps.


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

City of Sin, City of Freedom

Amsterdam felt just like a fairy tale, like I had fallen into this mystical land that smelt of herbie deliciousness and was filled with gingerbread houses. Maybe it was the high I felt from constant second hand marijuana smoke, to firsthand mushroom eating, but the minute I arrived to this quaint little town below sea level I felt like I was the Puerto Rican goldie locks looking for porridge or french fries to munch on and a random bed to fall asleep in. I arrived to Amsterdam on a rainy fall day, and the excitement I felt to have reached my "party" destination was unreal. I went by train from Paris, France and the ride was three hours filled with anxiety, nerves and excitement. What would this famed party town be like? Will I overdose on "fun"? Will my organs be harvested and sold on the black market? Is this town filled with druggies and addicts? These were all questions running through my head on that long, scenic, and self-discovering train ride.  

Amsterdam would open new worlds for me, popping all kinds of proverbial cherries. This is where I experienced my first hostel, and the illusion of “my first” really held this place on a pedestal. However, by the end of the trip I knew that in all honesty I was staying in a glorified jail cell, a reformed juvenile detention center to say the least. The shared co-ed  bathrooms were gross. The all-girl bed rooms were sub par, filled with interesting charters is putting it lightly. But I did not care, I loved every second of it!!! On my first night, I arrived to the hostel, got acquainted and headed to the bar. Ordering the strongest beer to gain some liquid courage so that I could head out and find what I came here for, Marijuana! I was on a mission to find this coffee shop that a friend recommended, The Dolphin. After getting lost various times, I finally found this place and right away I knew I was home. It was a stoner mermaid's dream. I walked in like a nervous lil girl; being my first coffee-shop I had no clue what I was doing. Instantly the decor made me feel I was at the bottom of the ocean with coral filled walls and fishes dancing amognst the smoke filled room. Like the curious girl I am I walked up to the counter and asked the lady attending how this whole process worked. She giggled with excitement and lead me the weed menu; THE WEED MENU!!! Coming from a place where weed is illegal and criminalized, you can see why I was sooo excited to be in a town that embraces the weed culture. She went on to say to me "So honey, how do you want to feel?" and the answer was simple “I want to be happy, giddy and awake” I replied. "Oh, so your going to need the house special the WHITE DOLPHIN, a sativa blend. It will give u the high your looking for” she confirmed.

You have to be kidding me, I thought. It was meant to be!!! Unbeknownst to her I was a mermaid and frolicked with dolphins on a regular basis. At that moment I knew I was exactly where I needed to be at the precise moment. The Dolphin was a two level establishment. Upstairs was for the pure weed smokers; while the downstairs, this trippy den like room ,was for smokers who mixed their weed with tobacco. It's common in A'mdam to smoke spliffs; a joint mixed with tobacco. With all my questions and curiosity she must have thought I was new to weed game and looked at me in awe when I ordered just pure weed. Little did she know I was a professional.

When you enter a smoke-shop, for the most part it will always be the same. They will have a menu listing their blends: sativas, indicas, and combinations of the both. They will always have a house special, which I found to be a white widow type of weed and they will have an assortment of hash and baked goods to choose from. You can get your weed loose (they will provide papers and bongs) or pre-rolled. Be careful when getting pre-rolled as most, unless specified that it is pure, will be mixed with tobacco and the tobacco to weed ratio may be off. On my return everyone asked "OH, I bet they have the best weed in the history of weed"!! That's not necessarily the truth. We here in the states can get this weed they get in A'mdam, the only difference is, all they have is this exceptional weed. There's no mids, no regs, just high quality shit all the time.

I spent my days exploring different coffee-shops, trying out diff weeds and strands of sativa...I hate feeling sleepy so I stayed clear from the indicas. I walked the city and got lost sooo much, as A'mdam is a labyrinth of canals, alley ways and side streets that all look the same. I am not even gonna lie but there was a moment on my first night after smoking waaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too much that I got lost on my return to the hostel and started to get really anxious about it. I had to have a self talk with myself and stopped to enjoy my scenery. The light and boat lined canals were breathtaking at night. Suddenly I saw this immense beauty and I realized that A'mdam was so much more than just weed. It was a beautiful city with immense culture. I was lucky because the whole time I was in communication with a dear friend from Germany that had lived in A'mdam for some time. So he walked me through the whole experience, told me where to go and advised of the dos and dont's.

I met the most interesting people in this diverse dutch town; like the wannabee frat boys from London (shoot me they were so dumb, poor babies), to this dutch woman who ran a kiosk somewhere in the city. I quickly learned from her that mostly every person here knew multiple languages and everyone spoke English. It was necessary to their survival as the their main funding came from tourist. She went on to tell me that her and her children knew 7 languages and she shared with me her hate/love for tourists. I quickly realized at that moment how flawed our schooling system was here in the states. As most schools in Europe require the students to take multiple language classes from early on. We spent hours in that coffee shop talking about life, and the dutch culture.
Having real conversations with people you hardly know while sharing joints and space cakes is what I wanted from this whole experience, it's what life is all about.

I am not ashamed to admit that for the first time in my travels the one thing I wished I had on this trip was a stoner friend. Someone to experience this all with me. The only thing that could make Amsterdam better would have been a close friend to get into all kinds of troubles with. Maybe it was because I knew how much my besties would love this place and I wanted to share, or the fact that I felt a lil lonely at this specific part of my trip.

That night I wished for a friend.

On day 2 after spending the day gallivanting and exploring, I got to my hostel around 7pm to take a much needed a nap before I proceeded for the night. I arrived to my bunk and got my shit together in my stoner/clumsy state, then THUMP! "FUUUCK!" I yelled. I hit my head on the top bunk and it really hurt. From the next bunk over I hear a girl laughing and just like that my prayers where answered!!! She made an asshole joke and we became instant friends. From that moment on we were inseparable. She was the Australian version of me and we shall call her Sydney. Sydney is where she was from, a single female, a few years older than me who was also traveling solo.

Sydney and I explored different coffee shops, munched out like crazy and walked the town until we could no more. Her traveling style was allot like mine; her love for drugs was exactly like mine. The universe heard my prayers and delivered. It was moments like this that I knew I was exactly where I needed to be at the exact moment. Thank you. We wanted to experience all A'mdam had to offer, so on day three we said “SHROOMS it is”. We went to a smart shop ( allot like coffee shop but for shrooms) and told the counter guy what we wanted. He was this graceful, salt and pepper haired man from Spain and can I quickly just mention how gorgeous he was...ugh what was his name????? He told us which shrooms to buy and proceeded to give us the most least potent mushroom he had. From there we ventured off to Vondel Park and did our best to stomach these down, I almost threw up in the process. For the next four hours, wait, was it six? Or was it three? Whatever! The next few hours where a kaleidoscope viewing, rambling, laughing filled fit. Waves of color and growing, breathing plants filled our afternoon as we sat on benches in silence taking in the scenery, occasionally walking around the park. Sydney did most of the talking because the sensory overload wouldn't allow me to complete a full sentences. There were moments when we asked if maybe we should leave the park, however it felt good there, it was beautiful there. There was nothing like being amognst nature when your high on nature. Plus the thought of heading out into civilization and navigating the confusing streets, filled with even more fucked people than yourself seemed daunting at the time. As our psychedelic high started to ease we stumbled upon what seemed to be a modern day zombie, his eyes rolling into the back of his head as he stared up at the trees and walked past us. We both couldn't help but to bust out laughing and realized we weren't even close to being as high as he was or half the people around us.

In our mushroom induced state Sydney and I spoke about going to see a live sex show. and at the time I was really into the idea of watching strangers have sex. I always considered myself free spirited and sexually open, so why not? Maybe it was because of the company I kept, as we just met each other and it felt awkward, or it was the fact that I may very well be a prude, but we chickened out. At the last minute no one ever brought up the idea again until it was too late. However, if given the chance again I would so do it. I learned later from a fellow traveler I met in Sevilla Spain that it's a professional, clean and awesome experience. She confirmed that my fears of this creepy strip-club like environment, where men jacked off in corners on cum filled seats that could possibly give a random patron an STD, was just not the case. In fact it was more like a play, a sexual, naked, and tantalizing play, in a well lit theater where couples made sexy love and solo experiences were time Amsterdam, next time. I wont be scared.

As the days got closer to my departure, I wish I had listen to all my friends who said stay in this place as long as you can. I honestly thought 5 days would be enough, and it just wasn't. I still feel like I must return, my heart and soul yearns for it. There are so many things I must do and I cannot wait until the day I get to go back. While in Amsterdam I didn't feel the need to take a million pictures, nor constantly be on my phone. I was so in the moment, unlike anytime before. There's something about Amsterdam that just allows you to be in the present, you forget about the world around you and you just are. Oh what I would give to be back in my fairy tale land right in this moment.

"Some tourist think Amsterdam is a city of sin,
but in truth it is a city of freedom
and in freedom, most people find Sin"

***A word to the wise tho, do not attempt to get a rental bike, you WILL DIE! These bikers take their biking seriously and will trample you if given the chance. 

Friday, November 21, 2014

Squid Poo

I have eaten so much while in Barcelona. I mean the food is to die for...from different kinds of tapas and pinchos; to some of the freshest sea food I have ever had. But the one thing I was missing was Paella, and I wasn't getting the WOW factor from the places I visited. I researched where I could find the best Paella, stiffeld through various sites; till I came across Trip-4-Real, a site that allows you to be a local, do  what the locals do, eat what the locals eat. As the aspiring chef I dream of one day becoming, I thought what better way to immerse myself in the culture then to learn how to make paella from scratch, as well as eat amongst  a local family that can teach me the traditional way of making this delish dish.So I signed up for the market tour & paella class.

Good food, great wine.
The day started at the Mercat de Ninot were we gathered all the ingredients for the days feast. I loved this covered market, because unlike the Boqueria, known for hoards of tourist, Ninot was small and homey. With products just as good as the Boqueria, just less hustle and bustle. Basically where the locals shop. From there we took a short walk where Christina and Guillermo welcomed me and about 7 others into their home. The cutest little flat with a nice sized terrace that was gorgeous. They grew their own herbs and veggies and had ample space where we can all sit comfortably.  We wasted no time before we got the bottles of wine cracking and the food cooking. We first started with a nice spread of hams, sausage, different cheeses, marinated olives, garlic and tradition tomato bread. Tomato bread a traditional Catalan snack  is  served almost everywhere. A baguette is split open, then a specific tomato (forgot the name) is cut in half and rubbed all over so that the bread soaks up the juices, then olive oil gets drizzled over and finally a touch of salt; and BAM tomato bread.(It's amazing)

Through out  we drank wine and engaged in delightful conversation about Christina and Guillermo where they were from and how they met. They were such a cute couple and worked so well together. They truly inspired me. They both had previous professions and said "hey, were not fully happy with our careers. Lets dedicate our time to cooking together and teaching others how to cook our favorite dishes" (loosely based that is, don't quote I mean if they don't sound just perfect, I don't know what does.
Cristina, Me, Guillermo.
As you can see we killed that Paella.
The class it's self was very hands on. We made a three course meal that included: gazpacho, brandada de bacalao, seafood paella, chicken paella and a mojito sorbet. Christina and Guillermo pride them selves on using only all natural and fresh products. Everything was made from scratch from the tomato sauce to the fish stock. Nothing came out of a can, nothing was processed. I was very impressed. Especially since I had never made tomato sauce or fish stock from scratch before. we started with the the starters which were to die for. I am not a big fan of bacalao ( I know, I know....I am Puerto Rican it should be in my blood.) but I am not (Don't judge). But the brandado (a fish paste) was yum city. Spread over bread drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with parsley.

But lets talk about the star of the show the PAELLA!! We used fresh tomato sauce, saffron, prawns, muscles, clams and cuttle fish to transform this rice dish to heaven on a plate. We used the fish stock made earlier in the day to give the rice the perfect flavor. Everyone had part in making the paella, from cutting the pepper to sauteing the rice. My job, the most important of course, was the cutting the cuttle fish; a squid like sea creature. I had never worked with this and Guillermo was very patient walking me through cutting off the cartilage and making sure it was cleaned properly. Then I got to this sacky like part from the inside of the cuttle and I assumed I would throw that part away. "NO!" Guillermo said. That's the most important part and what will give our rice that seafoody flavor we need. I was to carefully open the sac and squeeze out all the excrement so that it can go in the Rice. that's right folks, SQUID POOP all up in the rice. And I loved every minute of it.  Needless to say the rice came out perfect. Everything came out perfect.
Squid Poo.

This had to have been one of the best days here in Barcelona. I was in my element, surrounded around great people with great conversation. I learned that when you have a dream, do anything and everything to make it possible. The group I was with was inspirational; from a fellow blogger (seasoned), two different couples who shared the love of food, to a woman who after 30 years at her job quit to become an authentic chocolatier. And of course Chris and Guillermo who also had an amazing story. It's moments like this that I live for. I went to the class originally wanting to just learn how to make paella and drink good wine. I left coming out inspired to take on the world.

*I have also supplied the recipes for all of these dishes, please them under devour.
** Please visit their site @ they offer great opportunities to see the Barcelona in a new light and experience what the locals experience.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Eat, Paris, Love.

I am not your typical tourist that has to do the "top five things to do" in a city to feel satisfied. There are some touristy things that I may do because they really impact me personally but for the most part I'm not THAT tourist. I don't find enjoyment in the waiting in long lines, with screaming children, old men couching up what seems to be a lung, and foreigners confused on which direction they should head. That doesn't tickle my fancy esp. not when my trip consist of only 48 maybe 72 hrs. I'd prefer not to spend my time waiting in line to see some old artifact, Sorry.  But you know what does get my engines roaring? The city its self. Breathing it in, walking until I have blisters, finding beauty in a back alley way that houses some small old jazz bar, the people, the drink, the food. Oh the food. 

Paris the city of love. A very appropriate description for this classy, eloquent, and gritty city. Filled with beautiful men and women. Where everyone, even the elderly, dressed impeccably and looked as if they came straight out of Vogue. I instantly fell in love the minute I arrived and could see the Eiffel in the distance on the bus ride there. I only had two days in Paris and I wanted to make sure I saw everything and ate everything. As the foodie that I am, I had to experience what all these world renowned chefs talked about. What was all the fuss?? I had to know; so I spent those 48+ hours walking my ass off, eating, drinking and eye goggling men. I saw the Eiffel, I saw the Louvre, I walked the Champs Elysee, I saw the love lock bridge, and I walked threw Luxembourg park. But the main attractions, were the many delights I ate along the way. From crepes filled with nutella, strawberries and bananas (which I failed to picture because the gluttony set in and before I knew what happened, it was gone) to foie gras.  

Below you'll see some of the romantic affairs I had on this trip. Be warned pictures do not do justice.

I had the opportunity to go to Le Dome, a restaurant praised by many, and recommended  by Anthony Bourdain (my all time favorite person EVER). The fanciest restaurant I have ever been too and the food was immaculate. My first time trying Truffles and I don't know how I am supposed to live without this fungus in my life, in every dish I make. The truffled risotto had to have been the best thing that has ever happened to my mouth. I am just saying.

Fresh muscles in a cream sauce with a hint of curry.
So delicate and buttery, melted in the mouth.
White truffle and Scallop risotto.
the scallops seared perfectly and
truffles heavily through out the dish 

Pasteur Bistro had some of the most mouth watering dishes. I went there twice because the first dish of duck breast with potatoes au gratin was so good. I am glad I went there for a second time because I had the opportunity to try foie gras and see what all the fuss was about. I still don't know. After bite three and trying to mentally convince myself I liked it because, well all the fanciest people eat it, the texture of the duck liver and the notion just made me sick and I couldn't finish it. However, the steak con frite was to die for. One of the best steaks I have ever had.
Duck Breast cooked rare with potatoes au gratin
Steak con Frites avec foie gras

Finally dessert. My all time favorite, the macaron, not to be confused with macaroons a coconut cookie. The macaron is one of the most delicate and hardest desserts to perfect. The "cookie" part, is created from almond powder and gel or powdered food coloring/flavoring; as the slightest measurement discrepancy will throw off the "cookie" and you will not get that light and airy texture needed to make this classic confection.
Pierre Herme-  home of the best macarons in the city
with flavors like: passion fruit & Belgian chocolate or
Cinnamon & orange blossom (my mouth just watered)

My all time favorite Pumpkin & Corn.
I went back
just to get another two before I left.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Road to Montserrat

I wasn't sure what to expect when my roommate asked if I wanted to go to this town in the mountains, but I knew from the moment he asked that this was right up my alley. We vowed to get up early that Tuesday and head out; needless to say we both slept in and did not leave the house until 10:30; which if you ask me is still early. We head out, coffee in hand ( my daily addiction), and head to RED Line1 to stop at Plaza Espanya, where we would hop on a the train R5 and take the 1.5 hour journey there. The train ride was just as impressive as the arrival to Montserrat, OK maybe not,but as the first time seeing the country from a different perspective, away from the hustle and bustle which is Barcelona, I found this to be mind-boggling.

Towns that appear to be ruined by heavy neglect and disregard to common upkeep; with buildings crumbling in front of my face, still held this rustic beauty and told stories of passion behind the cracked broken structures. All the while, graffiti lined walls with brightly colored, bubbled letters transform these desecrated ruins into pieces of urban art. Obvious negativity held in those lands are squashed by spirits greater than the everyday Joe schmo, I know. There was such mystery and allure in the country sides that I knew nothing about. All of a sudden the excitement and curiosity turned me into this a lil kid sitting on the train seat, on my knees in reverse, looking out the window in awe.

Then the train pulled up to a mounitan-ness terrain, and my eyes grew big with gleam. I can see in the distance what looked like this small town up in the mountains, and my excitement grew. We got off the R5 and waited for the funicular to come. I would like to mention that we had no clue where we were going we only just winged it; however, It all worked out because If in doubt, follow the crowd. We get on the funicular and it took us up the hill on the edge of the mountain side, along this narrow path; so high my I can feel my ears clogging. The view was majestic, I could see all of those lil towns I just passed on the R5.

We finally get to Montserrat, which is now a tourist attraction as no actual people live there and it is gorgeous. Naturally chiseled rock formations surround the town as if protecting it from outside influences. When your standing there, staring at this town in the mountains, you instantly feel as if you are closer to God himself. INSTANTLY! Montserrat It is a religious site, and in Arthurian myth it is said to hold the holy grail. The Virgin of Montserrat, a black faced Madonna is located there and said to be the guardian of this grail. The cathedral tho unseemly on the outside, has to be one of the most beautiful sites I have EVER seen in my life; bringing tears and an overwhelming feeling of emotion the minute I walked in. I am not a religious person , but I do believe in God and boy was he there with me. Maybe it was because I was also closer to the heavens but I could feel that my dear and beloved grandmother was there as well. As the organs played and the choir boys sang I sat there astonished, with tears streaming down my face. All I could do was say thank you to God and to my grandmother. Thank for allowing me to experience this magnificence and for allowing me travel to the world. I told my grandmother how much I missed her and asked that she watch over me on my journey. After my talk with god and grandma I made my way to see the black Madonna, and waited in line just to get a glimpse and a touch for prosperity. The beauty of the whole place was just unreal, and from the moment I stepped on those grounds I felt their presence and was filled with constant emotion.

After, the roomie and I decided we were going to take another funicular up to the highest point of the hill. THEN, we had this crazy idea and said to the hell with it lets hike. 2 hours later, hiking up hill, I was muerta, dead, heavy panting and tired limbs made me blurt out, I CAN'T go anymore Luke, I really just cant! Needless to say we didn't make it to the very tippy tip, but we got far up there, only another "20 mins" and we would have been there. I felt kind of bad because I know he wanted to go up, but I hiked up that hill till I couldn't anymore. One of the many draw backs of being a big girl is the heavy breathing, limb pain and the sweating profusely. However, it was nice as we stopped a long the way to take in the sights and my sweet Luke would say "we don't have to go any further I'm sure it looks the same from this point as it does from 20 more minutes up hill". I know he was trying to be nice and spare my feelings, but all in all I felt accomplished and happy we hiked as far as we did. Then the fun began, walking down hill, and what a beautiful sight it is when it's not blocked by your own sweat stinging in your eyes. It was relaxing and memorable, I was honestly glad we decided to walk instead of taking the funicular.

After getting back down to the monastery we were both more than exhausted, but we felt accomplished after our day of adventure. It had excitement of the unknown, a religious experience and healthy fun. And best of all we only spent a total of 12 euros, for the train ride. It was definitely a successful day I highly recommend if you in this area, to visit Montserrat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Random Thought- Thank You Montserrat

Today I said a prayer. I am not Catholic, nor am I Jehovah's witness; or any other religion for that matter. I just wanted him to listen, I wanted her to listen. I wanted to say how grateful I was and how much I missed her. And then I felt them both, and I knew they were listening to me and a tear rolled down my cheek as this feeling of overwhelming love enveloped me. And though I can try to describe my feelings of how I felt, no words can truly explain, how and why I knew they were there with me. Now I say thank you Montserrat for allowing me to be closer to MY God and my beautiful grandmother, I will be forever in debt.